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4 IN 1 Wireless Electric Grinder & Chopper

4 IN 1 Wireless Electric Grinder & Chopper

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Are you tired of the hassle and limitations of traditional corded grinders?

Say goodbye to tangled cords and restricted movements with our revolutionary Wireless Electric Grinder.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this powerful and versatile tool brings convenience and efficiency to your grinding tasks like never before.

HEALTHY ACCESSORIES: Handheld Electric Vegetable Cutter Set includes 4-in-1 slicing, cooking, peeling and cleaning brush functions. With it, you can have an electric vegetable slicer and an electric meat grinder at the same time.
Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic, comfortable grip handle is stable and won't let go, and the blade is flexible to easily cut, slice, cut shapes and sizes of fruits and vegetables in the shortest possible time.
One-key cleaning: The whole machine is rinsed, and the feeding hole is equipped with detergent. Starting from one key, it can be washed with running water for 5 seconds.
Filling holes: It is convenient to add lids, avoiding the tedious steps of opening and tightening the lids, as well as long ingredients such as pepper, cow peas, and yam. can be inserted directly.
The vegetable slicer can quickly chop food in seconds, which is more convenient for cutting and garnishing, fresh ingredients. Easily prepare a variety of ingredients, saving time and effort.


Usage: Mini wireless electric garlic masher, USB rechargeable food chopper and dice, suitable for kitchen vegetable cooking


1*Multi-function wireless electric grinder+1*Cuisine+1*Slicing+1*Brush 
Q: Is it safe to use the 4 IN 1 Wireless Electric Grinder & Chopper?
A: Yes, when used according to the instructions, the 4 IN 1 Wireless Electric Grinder & Chopper is safe to use. It is designed with safety features such as secure locking mechanisms and non-slip bases to prevent accidents or injuries during operation.

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